About PatiCakes

PaticakesPatiCakes (a.k.a. Patti Gordon) is the creator of https://www.hempradio.com and the on-air personality PatiCakes, the Queen of Cannabis. As a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Chatham University, Patti has been an activist and advocate of marijuana longer than she can remember.  She has been a fundraiser, teacher, mother, artist, fabulous baker and one of the founding members of “friends of Dorothy” raising close to $1 million.

Patti also worked with Judge Jim Gray on the “regulate marijuana like wine” event at the Newport Beach Vineyard and Winery.  When not fighting for change Patti is often photographing her cats, cooking and working in her garden. The focus of HempRadio is to end the discrimination demonization attached to cannabis and educate and inform people of the proven health benefits of medical marijuana and the importance of hemp as a valuable natural resource!